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hoofnobgnewtypeThe pastime or business of betting has been an intrinsic part of the sport of horseracing and for many – but not all – of its followers and participants it is an integral part of its enjoyment.

Betting adds an “edge” to a judgement of a race and is dedicated to enabling those of our users who want to bet to do so in an informed and responsible manner. Betting Services is a form-based handicapping service which is managed by a resident of the Republic of Ireland known universally to our members and staff as “The Professor”.

The Professor takes an accountant’s view of gambling in that he believes that its entire purpose should be to make a profit. Hence we provide a series of services at various levels which vary from free advisory articles such as our series on Betting Strategies through to Premium Membership services such as our Tips and Information Services and Private Handicapping.

Most serious gamblers are aware that to win certain bets, particularly large pools such as the Scoop6 it can be necessary to “perm” a rarge number of bets to cover as many outcomkes as possible. This can be expensive so enables users to group together to form Betting Groups and Syndicates to maximise their chances of winning.

Some of our syndicates are actively managed by The Professor and his team with a view to operating a betting strategy which brings a substantial return to its participants.

Whether free member or premium, all our users have access to our Betting Disputes Resolution Service which seeks to provide assistance in the event of a dispute over a bet with a licensed bookmaker or betting exchange. recognise there are a number of people for whom gambling is addictive and becomes a problem. Should you or a loved one face difficulites or you are worried that gambling problems are getting out of hand we request you check out our Problem Gambling pages which provides links to a number of services and helplines which should be able to assist you.

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