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hoofnobgnewtypeIf you are a budding or published author or own rights to racing books or publications in or out of print, see also: Working with us: Publishing Books is a specialist imprint with a focus on publishing books on horseracing and greyhound racing, particularly in the areas of fiction, humour and biography.

By focusing on this tight and distinct niche and cross linking with other popular areas of this website we are better able to connect with our readers and our readers to our writers. operates a Racing Book Club and Bookshop  as well as a retail website – – which is the comprehensive resource for racing books published in the UK – including fiction, biography, non fiction, form-books and reference books, including all the top-selling and major works of our own as well as all the other major publishers.

Members of our Racing Book Clubs get member benefits including discounts off all books sold as well as free books and other deals including signed books, book club meetings and signings and other special offers.

The imprint was the concept of Peter Burden, for many years a leading writer in this sphere who has frequently acted as a ghost writer for authors previously better known for racing than writing.

Peter and his team will continue to support personalities from the racing industry who have a story to tell – either as fiction or biography – but need a little help in delivering it. We are also happy to work with authors and writers who work under their own name. The chances are if you have written – or want to write – a book on racing we are interested. We are always hoping to find the next Dick Francis. aims to publish several new works of racing fiction and biography a year and is interested in hearing from both new and established writers.

We are happy to consider republishing/reissuing works that are out of print or for which the rights have reverted. If you or a relative wrote a book that your publisher is no longer selling we may be able to assist you in securing the rights and reissuing it.

Whatever the circumstances we are always happy to discuss new projects and warmly invite you to contact us.

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