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hoofprintnewswireDSONHORSEThe Racing Newswire Service is specifically designed for busy Racing Professionals who want to get wider circulation for news of their successes. The Newswire is made available free as a syndicated new service to racing websites in Britain and around the world. It’s perfect for generating interest in what you do and building search engine rating success.

Great for announcing  a winner you own, ride or train, a horse you want to syndicate, a breeding success or  new arrival or a recent betting coup. And at the moment it’s  available for a trial period absolutely free.

Nothing could be simpler to use. Sign up for the website and list your racing-related or racing industry supplier business in the Horseracing Directory.

Once you are registered as a user on the system we will give you an email address to which you send your news items as they happen. Our system will automatically convert your emails into posts for our team to edit and tidy up.

Once we have them professionally presented we will put them out on the appropriate H0ofprint Newswires as well as for distribution to Social Media and RSS.

Access to the Newswire is currently a complementary service for businesses listed in the Directory. Full details of how to access the service will be sent to you when you sign up.

And our support team are online to provide assistance if you need any further help.

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