The no-sale-no-fee way of converting your “Horses for Sale: to Stay In Yard” into revenue OwnerFinder

The OwnerFinder service finds buyers for horses to stay in yard

Almost every trainer in the UK and Ireland has “Horses for Sale – to stay in Yard” listed on their website. Sometimes these are new purchases which have not yet found a buyer, other times they are because an owner has hit troubled times. Usually these are proven good horses—or look like they will be good in future. In any event the trainer wants to continue to train the horse but would prefer to get training fees for doing so.

If you are in this position, whether we’re talking young horses with potential or proven older horses they represent a cost to you in keep and wages—and if you are relying on your website to sell the horse, sometimes a sale can be a long time coming. Of course you could advertise them but will spending money up front on advertising generate a sale?

The solution is the OwnerFinder Service.  We will design and create an advertisement your the horse, run pictures (and video if you have it), feature it on the website and promote it to our mailing lists of potential buyers—including private buyers and potential syndicators—all at no upfront cost.

No trouble listing, No-sale-no-fee—and no risk

We do all the work to create the ad. If we don’t sell the horse (or you sell it yourself without our help) we won’t charge you. But if we do find an owner and the owner commits to keeping the horse with you we will want a commission.
Our commission rates are £500 or 2 1⁄2% whichever is more.

See the following examples:

  • For a horse sold at £5,000-£20,000 sale price the commission would be £500.
  • For a horse sold at £20,000+ sale price the commission rate is 2 1⁄2%
  • For horses sold at £4999 or lower, horses offered as part shares or as part of a syndicate, please contact us for a competitive bespoke rate.

What Do You Get?

  • Elimination of timewasters with our sales staff fielding any first response;
  • Access to a wider number of buyers through Gold Cup Winning Jockey and Director Graham Bradley’s legendary contact book;
  • Your horse promoted for free to’s mailing list of willing buyers;
  • A guaranteed No-Sale-No-Fee service. If we don’t sell your horse or you sell it without us you pay nothing.

Notes on Terms

  1. We define “to Stay in Yard” a horse that stays with you for a minimum 4 Calendar months after completion of purchase
  2. For horses sold in Ireland or other Europe the same rates apply in € and for the USA in $. ie for a horse sold at €5,000-€20,000 sale price the commission would be €500 and so on; for a horse sold at $5,000-$20,000 sale price the commission would be $500 and so on;.

As a bonus any Trainer using the OwnerFinder service will get a free Enhanced and Featured listing in the Trainer Directory and a greatly enhanced presence on the site including editorial features etc etc.

If you are interested in selling Horses for Sale through the Ownerfinder service please complete the following form:

Ownerfinder Enquiry

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On receipt of your enquiry we will normally get back to you within 24 hours. All requests are dealt with through our support system. You will receive a support ticket number by email. Please quote that number in all subsequent correspondence.







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