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Many racehorse trainers are excellent at training and managing horses but find the training and management of racehorse owners more difficult. can assist you in finding and managing racehorse owners, syndicates and partnerships, managing them either as a complete end-to-end solution or working in support of your existing owner management, clubs or syndicates structure. 

Our service is fully bespoke and differs from trainer to trainer. Some services — such as listing in the Trainer Directory are free. So is our initial review and consultation for any of our services. We structure our charges in a way designed to enable you to build in a profit on the services we provide to your owners and members.

Getting Started – if you do nothing else, do this

  1. You should list as a Racing Trainer in our Racing Directory – it’s free;
  2. If you are a Racing Trainer and also run a Racing Club you should consider listing it to get more members in our Racing Clubs and Syndicates Directory. It costs £100 to list but an additional member found and the sale of one membership or share will more than pay for the cost of the listing. You will also be able to offer additional benefits to your members and make a tidy profit on the add-on services we provide. See the Racing Clubs and Syndicates Directory page for more information. If you have any questions email us at: or call us on 07542 026035 Services for Racing Trainers provide a number of services for Racing Trainers including:

  • Sourcing of new Owners and Partnerships for trainers and training yards;
  • Sourcing Good Horses With Owners to go into Training under our Breeders Club Breeding-to-Training scheme;
  • Video Promotion and Sale of Racehorses to stay in the yard;
  • Events, Hospitality and Owner Management Services (hospitality, racecourse hospitality and racecourse support; open day organisation and management;);
  • PR, Publicity and Marketing Services (including Mailing list and Supporters Club Management);
  • Management and support with the operation of Racing Clubs including sales assistance and hospitality and racecourse support, plus additional membership benefits including Travel and Concierge Services, betting services and discount and benefits schemes;
  • Management and Recruitment of Racing Syndicates and Marketing Support to existing Racing Syndicates;
  • Providing a full range of Boodstock Agency services including the sourcing and purchase of quality horses for both Flat Racing and National Hunt trainers including horses offered for sale privately from vendors in Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.

We operate a small number of racing clubs ourselves with our own and leased horses. Contact or call 07542 026035 for more information.

Sourcing of new Owners and Partnerships keeps a database of would-be racehorse owners, potential partners, syndicates and clubs looking to have a horse in training.

Owners vary according to:

  • the classes of races they wish to/can afford to race in;
  • the type of racing they want or will tolerate (flat, national hunt);
  • the ages of horses they want to buy and whether they are seeking naming rights;
  • the amount of money they have available;
  • the number of horses they (particularly syndicates and clubs) want to invest in;
  • their preferred geographical location;
  • their preferred trainer or type of trainer;
  • the type of owner they are (- usually a balance between betting and social).

If you would like us to find owners for you – either for a specific horse or in general, or for an existing club or partnership, contact us in the first instance by email at or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.

Sourcing Good Horses With Owners to go into Training

We operate a service—known as our Breeders Club Breeding-to-Training scheme—which enables breeders to lease horses to us which can then go into training with one of our Racing Clubs at no further cost to the breeder. The lease normally lasts a year but it can be for a period up to a sales, or a particular race, or for another specific duration. The advantage to the trainer is that these are young, exciting prospects which normally come with a full book of owners (through the Club) and all training fees paid. The scheme also operates in a similar way for Pinhookers and other speculative owners. Check out how our Breeders Club Breeding-to-Training scheme operates.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Breeding-to-Training scheme, please contact us in the first instance by email or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.

Video Promotion and Sale of Racehorses “To Stay in the Yard”

Trainers often have horses for sale which they usually want to sell “to stay in the yard”. enables you to list horses for sale and add them to your directory entry. Photographs of horses can be included free of charge but often the chances of a sale are greatly assisted if you can show the horse in the yard, on the gallops and in races as part of a professional video presentation with branding for your training yard and your contact details. The video can then be shown on, on your website or shared on YouTube and on Social Media though your pages on Facebook and Twitter.

To create a promotional video for a horse we charge £75 per horse, this to include filming the horse in your yard and editing to intercut race footage and then combining all the film in a single professional branded presentation usually of 3-4 minutes. (Similar videos are also excellent as a means of promoting your Racing Club).

If you are looking to sell horses to stay in the yard (or for sale to leave it), please contact us in the first instance by email or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.

Events, Hospitality and Owner Management Services

Our own Club Hospitality team are specialists at organising events, hospitality and other owner management services. If you believe it is your job to train racehorses but recognise that a good customer experience is necessary to attract and keep owners this service may be for you.

Our team is knowledgeable about racing and experienced at organising racing-related events including Open Days, Social Events and Evenings, Trips and Travel etc.

Dealing with owners and their needs on racing days and non-racing days is our speciality. We ensure they have the right passes for the car parks and the badges to get in and we can also arrange for them to be looked after on course. If you are having problems getting enough badges for your owners and syndicates we can usually sort it. Similarly we may be able to arrange additional complementary benefits for your members.

If you are looking to provide better hospitality for your owners on-course or off or want assistance with a special event, please contact us in the first instance by email or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.

PR, Publicity and Marketing Services

Did you ever wonder why some trainers get more media attention than others and seem to attract better horses? It could be because they win a particular race or have a particular horse but it could equally be because they—or someone working with them—knows how to present a story and their public image.

Getting publicity attracts attention and brings horses and owners but unless you know how to play the publicity game it can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming. But what is particularly true is that the media feeds on itself and something published in one place can quickly lead to something popping up in another.

With we own our own publicity engine and many of our writers produce work for other major media outlets. Plus we have a fast-growing membership with tight and efficient mailing lists and an expansive social media management that ensures that everything we say not only gets out into the public domain but gets shared when it is out there. What’s more it operates 7 days a week right around the year.

We can back up our PR service with some top quality marketing and presentation skills. Everything from logo design to newsletters to a full website all fully featured, efficient to manage and delivered at surprisingly low cost.

We’re constantly searching for and spreading good news stories about our own racing clubs, syndicates and trainers. Why not let us work for you too?

If you think your press, publicity, marketing and social media management could be better, please contact us in the first instance by email or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.

Management and support with the operation of Racing Clubs and Syndicates operates some Racing Clubs and Syndicates on our own account. We also work with Managers and organisers of other Clubs and Syndicates to assist their recrutiment both through our Racing Clubs and Syndicates Directory and the provision of member benefits, such as travel, hospitality and betting services.

Many of our add-on services not only provide valuable benefits to Club and Syndicate members they also generate revenue for the Club and Syndicate owner/operator through commissions and referral fees.

We can provide on-course management services looking after your members on course and off.

If you think you need assistance or advice in operating your Syndicate or Racing Club, please contact us in the first instance by email or by phone: 07542 026035 to discuss your specific requirements.


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