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FrankelQE2OriginalSoldIf you sell horseracing related products, gifts or services which you think would appeal to our readership and think they would sell online from our high traffic site, consider becoming a vendor in our online Shopping Mall.

We will take any range of products as long as it is racing related or will appeal to a racing audience. Our aim is to be the “go-to” store – a shopping mall for horseracing where people know they can find great racing-related gifts, products and services.

We’re happy to set you up a store to reflect your vbranding and type of products. It works in a similar way to an Amazon or eBay store – you control the store front, the look, the products and the pricing, the shipping costs and manage your inventory.

When you make a sale you get paid straight away direct from the card provider or Paypal and ship the goods. But we will have deducted our commission percentage of the sale from the money you receive.

Commission rates vary according to the product but are designed to be affordable enabling you to be competitive within a niche market. Pages can be styled how you want them within the broad general appearance of the site. Your store can deal with related products, colour and size variations etc. We can even deal with special commissions and bespoke.

If your product requires personal intervention or human contact to close the sale we are happy for you to use your store as a showcase or brochure and pay the commission later on trust.


Or for more information on commission rates and how toget started contact our support team at

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