Working with us: Publishing has its own publishing house Books, which specialises in publishing racing fiction and racing biogrpaphy. We also distribute books for other publishers and authors operating in the racing sector.

If you are an aspirant author, a published author or a publisher most questions should be answered in the FAQ below.

If you need more information or have a specific deal in mind, call us on 07542 026035 write to us at and we will come back right away. Publishing FAQ

Writing for Us – Becoming a Racing Author with Books: Submission Guidelines

We are always searching for good racing books to publish so if you have a book you think would interest us please contact us.  We only accept submissions by email. We aim to reply to any submission within two weeks.

We are happy to receive submissions from published and unpublished authors, journalists and people who they believe they have a “tale to tell” about some aspect of the racing industry. If you fall into the latter category you may need assistance so please check out our author assistance pages.

We specialise in-house in Fiction, Biography and Humour and Anthology but we will actively consider non-fiction. Even if the book is “not for us” we have a good understanding of the racing publishing market and may be able to help you place it elsewhere.

Submissions should take the following form:


  • 1 page mini-synopsis highlighting with bullet points what makes the book new and special with proposed word count and delivery date
  • 1 page on qualifications to write the book
  • 1 page with a few lines on the five most recent competing and comparable books giving author, title, publisher and date of publication together with a note on how the books relate to the author’s own book
  • 1 page on sources used
  • 1 page on any specialist marketing outlets other than – such as websites, organisations or magazines
  • A sample chapter


  • A synopsis outlining the plot in detail
  • Three sample chapters

If you are not yet at that stage in the writing process we are still happy to receive an outline proposal and in such circumstances will always respond with advice as to your next steps. Please email us at: and we will ensure your submission is reviewed by the appropriate person.

Publishing Your Story – Get a professsional to assist with your publishing project

lifeinracingMany people involved in racing have led an interesting life full of colourful characters and exploits and may want to record it to share with others. However they don’t always have the skills to set it down and publish it – or at least not to the standards they know are required.

As a specialist publisher of racing titles,’s publishing arm, Books, has all the backup you need in terms of writing and editing staff to get your thoughts into shape and produce a book suitable for publication.

Once we have worked with you to create your manuscript we can also assist all the way in the production process, organising the editing, layout, proofreading, cover design and appropriate method of printing, ebook creation and finally publishing, publicity and marketing and distribution.

On completion your book will be a quality product and made available for sale on as well as through other outlets including Amazon and the major online bookstores.

The process begins with a simple evaluation of your proposal. Please complete the short form below so we can better understand your project.

Once we have received your submission we will respond within a maximum 72 hours.

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Depending on the book proposition there may be a cost involved, but we will always advise you up front at each step of the way of any costs you might incur so you can decide whether to proceed. Books: Book Doctor and Editing services for Fiction Writers

Could you be the next Dick Francis?

If you are a would-be novelist with a great idea, but are struggling in the middle somewhere or are nearing completion and need a little final polish to get it “just right”’s Peter Burden and his team may well be able to help.


Peter Burden

Peter is the master of the racing novel having worked with John Francome and Jenny Pitman in the early stage of their writing careers.

Now he and his team are able to offer a unique service for would-be Racing Fiction writers with flexible mentoring to assist you with every step you need to take to get your book into print and available for sale in all major bookshops including

We’re actively looking for new authors takes a fressh approach to publishing and we are trying to carve a niche in a growing market. Like Mills & Boon specialise in romantic fiction we aim to publish primarily Racing Fiction in the Dick Francis mould and popular racing biography. We also have some non-fiction and humour titles in our upcoming list.

At the very basics we’re looking for people with an idea for a book and the desire to write it. You may have already started a novel or you may just have the rudiments of a plot.

Peter’s team’s job will be to develop your skills and your ideas bringing out the best of your writing as he did for John  and Jenny.

He does so by working in three phases:

  1. A review of how you write and how to bring our the best in your writing without changing your essential “voice” which is critical to your identity as a writer;
  2. Detailed work on the plot to close any plot holes, block off any unwanted dead ends and ensuring you have a fully worked out plan for your novel which is powerfully story-driven.
  3. A detailed review of your work through of each draft eliminating errors, tightening it up and correcting mistakes.

The service includes extensive mentoring via email at every stage. But this is not distance learning, you will enjoy a one-to-one relationship with our in-house publishing team complete with personal meetings to better shape and craft your novel.

Our aim is at the end you will have created a work which we can publish and of which you will be proud.

Need to know more?

Send us an email telling us what you are writing and what stage you at and we will get right back to you with a proposal of how we can help.

Places are limited so an early enquiry is best.

Selling Books with us: Books published by publishers other than Books and our retail store and book club aim to be comprehensive and provide the widest possible list of racing books for sale in the UK.

Our list of books offered for sale includes racing fiction, non fiction and biography, humour and memoir, form books, betting books, systems books, directories and every other sort of racing publication. By racing we include horseracing, dogs and other sporting titles.

We aim to list every racing title published in the UK and Ireland and a number from other countries too. We are happy to retail books, including hardbacks, paperbacks and ebooks from any mainstream publisher. We also accept titles self-published and independently published titles providing they meet our production quality standards.

What We Carry

We normally only carry our own titles (ie books published by Books) for direct distribution plus a number of signed books published by other publishers. Other orders are fulfilled either by the publisher themselves, an organisation nominated by the publisher or Amazon. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss possible arrangements.

Not Listed: New Books and Titles in Print

If you are the publisher or author of a current or upcoming racing-related title which we do not appear to carry please contact us with more information. We will endeavour to stock the book for sale and also review it. Please include the title, ISBN, the type of book and a short précis. If you are a self-publishing author or publisher please be certain to include your contact details and a telephone number. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss possible arrangements.

Not Listed: Old Books, Out of Print and Rights Reversions

We are always looking for books on racing which are out of copyright, out of print or where the rights have reverted. If you are aware of a title we do not carry but think we should, please contact us. We may well be able to secure the rights and if we feel there is merit in republishing we will do so. Similarly if you are an author of a work which is out of print or consistently out of stock at your publisher we may be able to assist you. Again please contact us with as much information about the book(s) and your role in them – if any – as possible. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss possible arrangements.

As an author or a publisher how do I get my books reviewed by you and placed in the store?

If you are an author or publisher of racing books getting your books reviewed on is easy as we guarantee to review every book we list. Our pool of reviewers means that most books will be reviewed several times. What’s more our reviews are produced under a Creative Commons license so can be used anywhere. And most of our reviewers add their reviews to Amazon and Good Reads so they tend to travel a long way.

We are happy to review books already in print or to accept Advance Review Copies.

To request a review please send an email to outlining the book or books you wish to have reviewed. We will respond to you with an address for delivery and timeframe for completion.

Our normal turnaround time for reviews is a maximum 28 days but in some cases this can be much shorter.

Reviewing books for us: How to become a Racing Books reviewer

If you’re a racing fan – and perhaps an aspirant racing journalist – then what better way to keep up with the sport, build a reputation and develop a library of racing books than becoming a freelance reviewer? You get the books first – before publication at no cost – and there is no need to send them back as they remain yours to keep.

If you’re looking to become an author or journalist there is no better way of learning the craft than reviewing other authors’ books and writing and work in print is a great help on the journey to becoming a racing writer.

We don’t pay our reviewers but we provide you with a choice of free books to review in the subjects you enjoy – and you get to keep them when you’re done. All we ask is that when you write a brief review for our website telling us what you think and giving the book a rating. Your review will be published on the site and you can add your review to your portfolio of work.

To sign up as a reviewer contact us using the form below giving an indication the types of books you are looking to review. We will add you to our Reviewer Panel which receives a regular list of books we have available. You make the choice of the books you want to review and we send them out to you.

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